From magazines to newspapers to the good old fashioned yellow pages, print advertising is changing now more than ever before. It is changing so much in fact that even this traditional media is no longer considered traditional. And with so many choices to choose from, how would you ever know what works best? The good news is that print can still be an effective form of advertising, especially among older demographics, but readership shifts and new competition from tablets and mobile devices mean your ad strategy must closely match consumer behavior. Marlin Media Group plans print buys based on the latest demographic media usage studies and will also help manage tracking systems to ensure that responses are measured and the mix is constantly optimized.


Billboards aren't quite as simple as they used to be. From digital outdoor networks to out of home advertising to airports, malls and busses, things can get quite complex. You can now even buy outdoor advertising based on nuanced demographic targeting and response measurement. How do you tie billboards to the exact demographics you want to reach? Whether building your brand in a specific neighborhood, an entire city, across the nation, or even spanning the globe, Marlin Media Group provides expert planning and rate negotiations along with the expertise to tie billboards to the exact demographics you want to reach. One of our recent billboard ad campaigns was even featured on WBFF Fox45 News.

Tv Radio

The world of television is also changing as we know it. Marlin Media Group provides TV planning and buying services that includes audience segmentation and media usage analysis, broadcast television, satellite television, and cable television. Our goal is to not only improve audience targeting and brand awareness and influence, but to do it at the best possible cost.

Along with television, radio can still be a viable source of the advertising mix. People are not only still watching television, but are listening to talk radio, news and music everywhere from their cars to gas stations to running on treadmills. Radio must be planned and measured carefully for optimal results. Marlin Media Group has the expertise in radio with the latest data on ratings, consumers and formats to define radio buys that drive brand boost and response.


Internet or digital advertising continues to grow so big at such alarming rate, you will need an advertising agency that invests exhaustively in researching not only the vendor options available to you, but perhaps more importantly, what makes the most since. From website rankings and demographic analysis, digital display, online video, mobile advertising, Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and more, Marlin Media Group has all the skills and expertise to take this internet revolution head-on.


When it comes to what is driving the most growth in advertising at the moment, mobile continues to lead the way. In fact, many studies show sales of tablets are set to overtake those of PCs by the end of this year and for many consumers in the U.S., smartphones are becoming the primary way that they go online. Mobile advertising and marketing can be quite complex. From SMS to mobile websites, to web banners and web applications, Marlin Media Group is a results-driven advertising agency with innovation and a strategy to get the best possible reach at the best possible rate.